Companies are always trying to find the perfect crossroads between sound quality, durability, and comfort when it comes to headphones. In regards to sports and workouts, these categories mean everything. At CES 2018, we found that not only are companies still working towards these goals, but some have also taken these goals to entirely new level.

Let’s explore some of the more interesting sets of headphones that we found at CES 2018.

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KuaiFit Sport Headphones

The Kuaifit Sport Headphones may look like your average pair of wrap-around headphones but they’re anything but. These sport headphones are great for the gym, biking, and running due to their particular design. Kuaifit initially began as a startup product and has since exploded in popularity.

They come with a built-in heart rate monitor, activity tracker, calorie counter, lap counter, and more. If the gym equipment you are using ANT+ or BLE technology, these headphones can connect with them too. To access your metrics, simply download the app onto your smartphone, or you can access Kuaifit.Fit on the web.

What makes the Kuaifit headphones popular is that they eliminate the need for multiple wearable devices but still provide accurate metrics. Having a smartwatch or fitness tracker in addition to headphones can become bothersome to some people.

With smart coaching from some of the world’s best athletes available from Kuafit, and nearly 7 hours of playtime, its only natural that so far they’ve received rave reviews from their initial backers


Monster Air Links

You might recognize the name Monster because it has a close relationship with Beats by Dre headphones. They also produce their own line of wired and wireless headphones. At CES 2018, they announced their first two pairs of wireless earbuds, and they are certainly a sight to behold.

The Monster Airlinks Elements are jewelry themed and the Airlinks iSport are sweat and water-resistant. The benefit of these earbuds is that they are both truly wireless. Both sets come with charging cases and reduce the stress that might come with wireless headphones connected by a cord.

They can also be used to pick up and take calls, as the right earbud contains the primary driver technology. Both pairs of Airlinks are due to be released within the calendar year of 2018.


Halo Sports

Perhaps the strangest set of headphones we found at CES were the Halo Sports, developed by Halo Neuroscience. As their respective names might suggest, the Halo Sports have all to do with the workings of your brain and muscles.

The inner band of the headphones is rigged with intricate sensors that look off-putting but stimulate the motor cortex in your brain. The motor is that part of your brain that, in short, controls your movements. The sensors stimulate activity in this part of your brain while you’re listening to your favorite music. All that is needed is as little as twenty minutes of stimulation.

Since no one’s body works in the same way, improvements are bound to be sporadic and different for everyone.

If you need further proof of reliability, check this out-Halo Neuroscience is currently partnered with the San Francisco Giants and works with some of their athletes to improve their abilities and reaction times.


Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro WirelessImage result for sol republic soundtrack wireless

Sol Republic has always been a reliable headphone maker, producing everything from earbuds to wired headphones. This time, they’ve come out with two versions of the Pro Wireless headphones. The first version, Soundtrack Wireless, is a pretty simple set of on-ear headphones that can fold at the mid-section for portability. As with most on-ear headphones, they come with a built-in microphone if you want to take your calls.

The next version is the Pro Wireless, which sports larger cushions to make them more over-ear than on-ear. Since they are effectively larger than the Soundtrack Wireless version, larger 50mm drivers can be used, giving the Pro Wireless almost a full day (24 hours) of play time.

Both sets of headphones will be on sale in the latter half of 2018. They are looking to combine exceptional sound quality with a comfortable price. The Soundtrack Wireless will be priced around $170 while the Pro Wireless will be approximately $250.


Cleer Flow and Trek Headphones

We came across Cleer sort of by accident, but we’re glad we did. Noise-cancelling headphones usually run the highest prices in the headphone market, and wireless at that. The Flow suppresses up to 30dB of ambient noise and provides about 20 hours of audio playback, which is about the industry average.

What had us excited is the price. They’re only a little bit more than Sol Republic’s Pro Wireless but are still true noise-canceling over-ear headphones.

The Trek’s are a pair of noise-canceling earphones that look like any normal set of earphones. However, they have the same 30dB noise suppression technology as the Flow and for nearly a fraction of the price. They have the characteristic wingtips of most earphones, which are interchangeable, and are equipped with a built-in microphone.


All-together, you can get nearly 13 hours of playback, a sizable boost over most wireless earphones of today.


Sony WF-SP700N Sports Earbuds

Sony has always been a popular seller for all things sound related. At CES, they showcased their WF-SP700N wireless earbuds. These earbuds are bit bulkier than the average earbud but come in three different sizes and four colors for your convenience. The button to commence playback and pick up calls is pretty noticeable too. Sometimes the problem with wireless earphones/earbuds is that their button is too small or requires excessive force to activate.

Picture of Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The WF-SP700N’s come with a charging case and are fully charged in about 1.5 hours, good for about 9 hours of playback. One of the noticeable features about these earbuds is the presence of an ambient noise mode. It mixes your music with the sounds of your environment so you can be aware of what’s around you at no cost to sound quality.

They are classified as sports earbuds and have an IPX4 sweat and splash resistant rating. The WF-SP700N’s are looking to be released later this year.

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