DJI Phantom 4 (DJI Refurbished)

All our DJI stock is Australian and comes with local warranty. This product is an official DJI refurbished device and factory tested by DJI Warranty offered is the standard DJI 1...
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All our DJI stock is Australian and comes with local warranty.

  • This product is an official DJI refurbished device and factory tested by DJI
  • Warranty offered is the standard DJI 1 year warranty. 
  • If for some reason the product is DOA it will then be replaced with another refurbished device not a new device.
  • Find out more about DJI Refurbished below

 The Phantom 4. Visionary Intelligence. Elevated imagination.

The Phantom 4 boasts sweeping curves, elegant lines and a polished shell that redefines the classic Phantom 4 shape. Its exquisite detailing and matte finish composite components add a level of finish and quality never seen before. The DJI Phantom is the smartest flying camera DJI has ever produced. Able to fly intelligently with a tap, automatically create seamless tracking shots, fly intelligently over or around obstacles and much more. Flying has never been this easy or this fun.

Sense and Avoid

Obstacle sensors enable the Phantom 4 to sense and react to its environment. 

Fly with Touch

Simply tap on the screen to fly the Phantom 4 in the direction you want. It will avoid obstacles in it's path.

Visual Tracking

Lock onto your subject and track them as they move, let Phantom 4 take care of everything.

Intelligent Flight Support

Equipped with intelligent flight support systems and a powerful camera, this leisure drone lets you take clear and stunning shots with maximum aerial manoeuvrability.

Powerful Camera

It comes with a powerful camera, capable of capturing up to 12MB of images, 4K videos at 30fps, and slow motion 1080p at 120fps.

Fly Further

Frame up your shots even from a distance as this drone enables a maximum control range of 5km.

About DJI Refurbished Program:

Every DJI Refurbished aircraft is thoroughly tested by DJI Experts and includes DJI standard warranty.

There are no better experts in DJI products than those at DJI. Every refurbished product has undergone a professional refurbishing process that brings it to the same high standards as brand new products, and all refurbished products come with new parts, new packaging and DJI's standard Manufacturer Warranty.

What are DJI refurbished products?
The products sent back by customers within seven days after he/she confirms receipt will be strictly examined, refurbished and repackaged, and sold as DJI refurbished products.

Are DJI refurbished products’ quality guaranteed?
DJI promises you that every refurbished product is tested thoroughly, and that the quality and the appearance of refurbished products is the same as with new products.

What kind of after-sale service are DJI refurbished products eligible for?
The after-sale service policy for DJI refurbished products is identical to that of new products. However, refurbished products can only be exchanged for refurbished products, not new products.

Can I purchase DJI CARE for refurbished products?
Yes, you can purchase DJI CARE for a refurbished product. The coverage amount will be the same as for a new product.

How do I identify refurbished products?
The serial number of refurbished products will end with an "R".

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