DJI Inspire 2 Series (Inspire 2, Premium Combo, RAW)

Professional Filmmaking Drone by DJI   The Inspire 1 was a revelation. The Inspire 2 takes everything that was good about the Inspire 1 and improves it.   The first...
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Professional Filmmaking Drone by DJI


The Inspire 1 was a revelation. The Inspire 2 takes everything that was good about the Inspire 1 and improves it.


The first filmmaking drone in the world to integrate a HD video transmission system, 360° rotating gimbal and a 4K camera, as well as the simplicity of app control. The Zenmuse X5 and XSR cameras further cemented the Inspire as a critical tool for filmmakers around the globe.

An all-new image processing system records at up to 5.2K in CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes and more. It goes from to 80kph in just 5 seconds and hits a maximum speed of 94kph and has a max descent speed of 9m/s for unheard of speed and agility in an aircraft this size. A dual battery system prolongs the flight time to a maximum of 27 minutes, while self-heating technology allows it to fly even in low temperatures.

FlightAutonomy has been revised and developed specifically for the Inspire 2, providing two directions of obstacle avoidance and sensor redundancy. Increased intelligence adds multiple intelligent flight modes, including Spotlight Pro, giving even single pilots the ability to create complex, dramatic shots. An upgraded video transmission system is now capable of dual signal frequency and dual channel, streaming video from an onboard FPV camera and the main camera simultaneously, for better pilot and
camera operator collaboration.

Professional Image Quality

Integrated into the Inspire 2 is the brand new CineCore 2.0 image processing system, capable of recording 5.2K videos in CinemaDNG * 1, Apple ProRes * 2 and more. CineCore 2.0 is built into the aircraft nose and works with any camera connected through the dedicated gimbal port.


Sense and Avoid

Forward and downward vision systems enable the Inspire 2 to detect obstacles up to 30 meters ahead, allowing for protected flight at up to 54kph at a controllable attitude angle of 25°. Upward facing infrared sensors scan obstacles 5m above, adding protection when flying in enclosed spaces. Obstacle sensing systems are active during normal flight, RTH and all Intelligent Flight Modes.


Tap Fly

The 2—axis on-board FPV camera separates the flight view from the main camera view, effectively giving the Inspire 2 a dedicated TapFly camera. Tap a point onscreen in the FPV view to set a flight route and the Inspire 2 will automatically fly along that route, leaving the pilot to focus on gimbal movement.


Active Track

The ActiveTrack Mode allows the Inspire 2 to recognise a range of objects, from people to bikes to cars to boats. Tracking profiles that can be adjusted based on the subject being tracked means greater tracking precision.


Master and Slave Controllers

A new wireless HD image transmission technology sends video information from the master controller to the slave controller and the two controllers can be up to 100m apart
without loss of image quality.

Broadcast mode

Broadcasters can broadcast direct from the Inspire 2 using its dedicated 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal. Aerial live-streaming direct to TV is as simple as connecting the Inspire 2 remote controller to the satellite truck.

Below is a professional short film starring Ryan Phillipe shot entirely on the Inspire 2, showcasing the Hollywood grade standard the Zenumse X5S is capable of.

Buying the Inspire 2 does not include the camera and gimbal which must be purchased separately.

The Inspire 2 Premium Combo includes the Zenmuse X5S camera and stabilising gimbal, as well as a licence for Apple ProRes and CinemaDNG formats for professional filmmaking quality. 

The Inspire 2 Raw Combo includes the new Cendence Controller and a Licence for RAW filmmaking but not the camera/gimbal.

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